REVIEW : "Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story"

  Wow. The last time I did a review was for Without a Trace. Episode 7.23. I was too… “Disgusted” to do one of the very last episode. But now that Poppy is back in a tv show with “Unforgettable” this fall, I am definitely going back to the reviews. I just love to share my impressions on what I watch. And in English please, even though my English is still not perfect. Sorry.

It’s not fall yet, so no “Unforgettable” episode to review. However, Poppy was starring in a made-for-tv movie “Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story”, which as the title says tells the story of Harry Potter’s author Ms. Joanne Rowling, and I promised I’ll write a review. So here it is!

PS: I’ll do my best not to be too biased.

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Karma is a bitch!

I am everythng but a religious person. I do not believe in God. However I have always been attraced to Buddhism. I believe in Karma. I want to believe in reincarnation. And this morning when I woke up at 1PM, my Karma hit me right on the face. Poppy will be filming her new movie next week in Vancouver. Yes, the place I went to a week ago. The place I came back from a week ago. The place I should have been for months.
Karma is truely one fucking bitch.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I am an eternal optimistic. I have always been. But today it seems to be gone. I don't know why.
If you follow my stories on LJ you know I was supposed to be in Vancouver by now. Supposed to be. But something happened almost a week ago now. I, as planned, went to Vancouver last Friday. Had a change of flight with three different flights. One from Paris to D.C, the other from D.C to San Francisco, and finally San Francisco to Vancouver. I arrived okay to Vancouver, until I was arrested by the Canadian customs.

They search my suitcase (or turned it upside down, I should say), search my emails, and even my LJ and my twitter. It was really crazy. According to them I was illegale because I was coming as aupair and had the wrong Visa. I can understand that. What I do not understand it's why they treated me like I was some kind of drug mule or something. Come on, I was only there to watch kids!
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The day has come!

Here I am. Tomorrow I'll fly to Vancouver for quite a while. Saying goodbye to everything I know. To everything I am used to. After quite a fight I am finally done packing. My keens hurt, my back hurts, my ass hurts, but I am done.
I also did something very important today, I said goodbye to... FNAC.
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Outch, I have lost myself, again.

I am leaving in four days, now .And that's it, I am going through the phase: "What the hell were you thinking planning all of this. Going miles away from your home. Your nice, cozy, familiar home sweet home." It will probably be over soon, and I KNOW I'll love it there. Do so many things, see so much, live so much
But still, I can't help myself.
JS_"Vending Machine"_S3

Bernard & Bianca.

Just spent the last 2 hours reading old theards from our French "Without a Trace" board and I really LAUGHT at us. Not in a bad ways, we were just so funny. Seriously, the "war" between J/S fans, non J/S fans, D/E fans, BAM fans (aka: ME, and I am so ashamed of it now!!!), Marty fans, extremist Sammy fans (aka : Me, again...). All the theories we had.  We always disagreed on everything. (almost) Always agrued. How we watched every single details, We were really into it, I mean REALLY into it!  It was hell sometimes but gosh, it was so good, wasn't it?

Old good times. I miss it!

'Cause you had a bad day...!

Just woke up and got a text message from my friend, telling me that she won't be able to make it to L.A this summer, and she'll explain why later. I am so disappointed, I was so looking froward to this trip with her. It doesn't mean I am ot going, though, just that I will spend two weeks all alone in L.A, better than two weeks all alone in Paris, though....

What a way to start my Wednesday.

Living each day as if it's the last...

19 days before the big day and I still have so many things to do. First of all, I need to buy my suitcase and a new camera. These are the most important on my list of things to do. I can't wait to take pictures, I just love cameras. So get ready, when time will come, I'll post a LOT of pictures.

I also need to plan all the things to get/do in the plan. I have a 9:30 hour flight, plus 5 hours waiting for my next flight in Chicago and then again 4:30 hours flight. One of my friend bought me Lauren Weisberger's latest  book for Christmas, so I already have that. I'm also planning on printing a J/S fanfic (Jbird if you read that!), But Not Forgotten, my absolutely favorite, it's a lot of pages to print, But it will definitely make those long hours go faster. Then, thank God I can bring my laptop, which gives me about 3 hours of movies/series. Gilmore Girls, Without a Trace, Six Feet Under, Mad Men. Haven't chose yet. And last but not least : magazines. I am gonna buy the whole newsstand in France and in Chicago (Instyle Magazine, Yeahhhh!).
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I won't hesitate no more.

I have been awake for a couple of hours only and I already feel that it's going to be a good day. Why? Because it's sunny! Thank God. I was so tired of all this snow. Right now I feel the sun on my cheek and it feels so good. It makes me look forward for my trips even more.

Thinks are getting a lot faster for Vancouver. I booked my flight and received my electronic ticket. So it's now a done deal. Leaving Paris at 1pm on February 4th. Got a 9:30 hours flight for Chicago and then a 4:30 hour flight for Vancouver. I'll be there for 11pm. It's going to be a long day but I am excited. Not so anxious anymore, I sort of start imagining myself there, now, and again, it feels good.
Besides, I had some advise from other aupairs, they told me, in addition to all the plan I'll have with the other aupair and the family there, to subscribe to an activity just for myself. Something fun, that I always wanted to do. So, I decided to take a Yoga class. I have always wanted to do it and never had time.

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